Why Is Detox Necessary?

Safely Detox From Drugs And Alcohol

Some individuals feel that they have their addiction under control and that there is no need for them to enter a detox facility to end their drug and alcohol dependence. We encourage those suffering from addiction to enroll in a detox facility for three main reasons.


Managing Withdrawal Symptoms

Perhaps the most critical reason that you shouldn’t attempt to manage a detox by yourself is the withdrawal symptoms that you can experience. Depending on a range of variables, including the type and severity of your addiction, you can expect to face withdrawal symptoms for an indefinite period. If your withdrawal symptoms are particularly threatening, it may be necessary to be prescribed medication until the detoxification is complete. This is why it can be important that you detox from drugs and alcohol under the close eye of certified physicians who can monitor your health along the way.

Preventing Relapse

Whether because of the painful withdrawal symptoms mentioned above or for reasons of psychological dependence, relapse is always a possibility when you are trying to detox by yourself. Research has indicated that addicts who attempt to heal themselves are considerably more likely to relapse than their peers who enroll in detox facilities, primarily because those at private detox centers have access to physicians, nurses, therapists, and counselors. Even if you’re an individual who takes pride in your willpower, you should take heed not to underestimate the risks of trying to detox without medical attention and professional social services.

Preparation for the Next Steps

Third, it’s important to enroll in a residential detox facility because we strive to take care of all your physical and emotional needs while you’re in recovery, allowing you to focus your mental energy on the healing process. By meeting with counselors, therapists, and behavioral health technicians, you’ll be provided with the tools and skills you need.  Rather than trying to cure your drug or alcohol addiction alone, you’ll be provided with time and space to focus on personal growth and prepare for the future.