man putting a hand on woman's shoulder at the heroin addiction treatment center in CaliforniaNearly a million people in the United States use heroin, and the number of heroin users is on the rise. This opioid causes chemical changes in the brain and is highly addictive. For that reason, it is incredibly hard to overcome a substance use disorder involving heroin alone. Attempting heroin detox and to break the cycle of addiction alone is also dangerous, as the side effects of heroin withdrawal can be deadly. However, with the support of the experienced staff at our beautiful facility in Lake Elsinore, California, you can break the cycle of addiction. Our heroin addiction treatment center in California provides counseling and medical support as you start your journey into recovery.

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Lake Elsinore, CA

Some people turn to heroin after becoming addicted to prescription painkillers. Heroin is an opioid, a type of drug that causes your brain to release dopamine. While this feels good at first, those who use heroin soon need even more to feel the same rush. Eventually, the brain relies on heroin to function. Long-term, heroin use can cause:

  • Impaired decision-making abilities
  • Depression, anxiety, and moodiness
  • Heart damage and heart disease
  • Circulatory system problems and collapsed veins
  • Lung problems, including increased risk of developing pneumonia
  • Memory loss
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Overdose and death

Attempting to detox from heroin without medical care can also be dangerous. Some of the symptoms of heroin withdrawal include anxiety, nausea, or vomiting. Additionally, heart failure could also occur without medical support during detox. However, at our heroin addiction treatment center in Lake Elsinore, CA, Wellness Counseling Vida Entera provides both medical interventions and counseling to set you on the path to recovery.

About Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in California

Lasting recovery from heroin addiction is possible with the help of heroin addiction treatment in Lake Elsinore, CA. Every person with a substance use disorder is different, so their treatment plans need to be unique as well. That’s why we provide a continuum of care to address all of our patients’ needs.

At first, our patients who come to us for heroin addiction will go through detoxification to completely remove all harmful and addictive substances from their bodies. They will be monitored around the clock by our detox team in order to ensure a safe and comfortable detox. Sometimes, medication-assisted treatment can also help you get through recovery and manage painful withdrawal symptoms. Our clinicians can then prescribe the necessary medication and monitor your response.

After detox, our patients start their recovery through counseling. At our heroin addiction treatment center in California, we provide both individual and group counseling. Individual counseling is targeted towards helping our patients understand the issues behind why they use heroin. Our team can also help you develop healthy habits and coping skills to face cravings. Through group counseling, our patients learn that they are not alone in their fight to overcome addiction. A network of support is crucial for lasting recovery, and group counseling can set a foundation for support outside of our residential addiction treatment program. Our certified therapists are always involved in group sessions.

Individuals with addictions often have additional mental health issues as well. In a residential heroin addiction treatment center like Wellness Counseling Vida Entera, we can address both addiction and mental health problems at the same time. Our staff is experienced in this type of dual diagnosis and can find the right treatment plan for you or your loved one.

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