Drug and Alcohol Rehab

group of young adults meeting through substance abuse treatment programs in CaliforniaThe substance abuse treatment programs in California at Wellness Counseling Vida Entera can offer results-driven treatment. Our staff is experienced in helping people treat their drug addiction; they are able and willing to go the extra mile to help each client become sober and live a life in recovery.

It is imperative that an individual struggling with addiction seek professional help. Residential rehab can be an efficient way to recover from addiction. Simply willing away your problems is not going to make sobriety a reality.

Our drug rehab program provides intensive psychotherapy using CBT and other evidence-based approaches. In the end, we strive that you will emerge feeling proud, accomplished, and sober.

What to Expect During Rehab

Wellness Counseling Vida Entera sits in a beautiful and scenic location in California. You can expect the following during any of our substance abuse treatment programs:

Privacy and Security

With the perfect amount of seclusion, you will have your privacy. Our client’s information is never shared and their privacy is always respected. This helps to allow our patients to focus on their addiction treatment knowing that they can trust us.

Residential Detox Programs

Our focus remains solely on the recovery of our clients, because of this our clients detox on-site where they are monitored by a medical staff to ensure their mental and physical well-being during this initial stage of treatment.

Individual Therapy Meetings

To truly discover the root of addiction, clients must genuinely discover themselves. As such, it is important to spend time talking with our therapists, fleshing out everything you or your loved one has spent time internalizing.

Group Therapy Sessions

Great for engaging a sharing platform that is governed by a trained professional. During these sessions, clients often learn relationship building and sharing through the fellowship of their peers and counselors.

Clinical Staff

Our clinical staff for substance abuse treatment programs in California is on-site and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is to ensure that clients are safe and comfortable throughout their stay. You or your loved one will never be alone, and will always have someone available who will give help or support when needed.

Redirection and Coping Skills Development

Many individuals suffering from addictions have been using drugs and/or alcohol to cope with various issues in their lives. We redirect their attention and show them different alternatives. It is difficult to change a life that has been spent in addiction. To redirect our patients’ thoughts and desires, we spend a great deal of time in fellowship with patients, teaching them to have clean and sober fun and how to engage in new behaviors. It is important to understand that past behaviors have the ability to completely rule over the future if they are not properly replaced with new behaviors.

Specialized Treatment Programs

The substance abuse treatment programs in Lake Elsinore, CA are highly specialized to accommodate the various drugs of abuse. Receiving such focused treatment provides the best opportunities for recovery.

Some of our drug rehab programs include:

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The primary goal for the drug rehab program at Wellness Counseling Vida Entera is to create a clear pathway for a new sober life. On this pathway, the client can seek to live a new life—a life free from drugs and alcohol. It is possible and we will show you how.

Contact Wellness Counseling Vida Entera today to speak with experts about substance abuse treatment programs in California confidentially at 951.400.0082.