Licensed Residential Rehab

Residential Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, Wellness Counseling Vida Entera is here to help. We are a licensed residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Because we understand that everyone is unique, we design treatment programs specific to each client’s situation, giving each individual the highest chances of overcoming his or her addiction.

What Is a Residential Treatment Center?

Since we are a licensed residential treatment center, our clients remain onsite throughout their treatment at our facility. Clients participate in an intensive, structured treatment program that includes detoxification and rehabilitation. While at our facility, clients participate in various activities developed to help them achieve the overall goal of recovery. These activities include group meetings, in which clients interact with one another to help each other grow, and individual sessions, during which clients work one on one with a therapist to identify the root causes of their addiction.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Residential treatment can be considered an initial step in recovery, During this step, clients complete detoxification and start their rehabilitation. During this stage of treatment, clients often need a high level of care because they may experience withdrawal symptoms as they begin a life without their substance of choice. This period can be difficult, but enrolling in a residential treatment program can provide a greater chance of success due to the unique nature of residential treatment: individuals live at the treatment center with constant supervision, surrounded by people in the same stage of recovery as them.

Why Residential Treatment Can Work

Patients live at their treatment facility

Living at the facility can allow individuals new to recovery to be separated from the outside world. This disconnects them from outside influences that have supported and aided their addictive behaviors. By removing these distractions, clients can focus on themselves and their recovery.

Clients are surrounded by people just like them

Patients are surrounded by others who are also beginning their lives in recovery. This fosters an ideal environment for sharing and growth as a group. This fellowship can make all the difference. We have seen instances in which the support of peers has helped clients through this difficult stage of their lives.

Help is Always Available

We have staff available around the clock. We understand that this stage in an individual’s life can be difficult at times, so we ensure that our clients have access to help 24/7. We have a fully staffed medical team to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients, especially those who are detoxing. We also have a team of behavioral technicians and therapists available 24 hours a day to support clients with any issues they may have, allowing them to feel at home and focus on their recovery.

To enroll in our residential facility, call us at (951) 379-5481. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they are ready to help.