Interventionist Partners

Our Interventionist Partners

An interventionist is, in actuality, an intermediary. He or she is someone who is personally unbiased, and possesses qualities that those within a person’s close-knit circles do not.

The professional and highly skilled interventionist partners that work with Wellness Counseling Vida Entera are incredibly talented motivators and persuasion experts, are situationally informed, and, most of all, recovering addicts. The importance of that last point cannot be stressed enough. People that have been through the turmoil of addiction have a reliability and empathy that cannot be matched.

What Services Are Provided

First and foremost, working with an interventionist removes stress from the family and helps convince the individual to undergo treatment. The process also raises the difficult question as to the level of enabling that may be taking place within the family unit.

Drug Addiction Intervention 

This kind of intervention includes the full range of mind-altering drugs and can be one of the hardest to perform, depending on the level of sickness the active addict is dealing with. 

Alcohol Addiction Intervention

Alcohol addiction is difficult and can be an incredibly deadly substance to abruptly stop using. Our interventionists work with addicts and their families to create and execute plans to safely get the client the treatment they need. 

Dual Diagnosis Intervention

Often times People’s addictions are paired with other disorders which can increase the complexity of their specific situation. The use of an interventionist can help all parties understand the nature of a dual diagnosis and get the specific help they need.


Having an interventionist can be recommended and highly effective. The changes about to occur in the client’s life will be drastic, but the fact that he or she understands the necessity of this situation is imperative.

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