Overcoming addiction through willpower alone is difficult. However, a medication-assisted treatment program, or MAT, combines counseling, therapy, and medication and can lead to lasting recovery from substance abuse disorders. At our residential addiction treatment center in Lake Elsinore, CA, we provide quality care for mental health along with medications to help you break free from addiction. So if you are looking for a medication-assisted treatment center in California, contact Wellness Counseling Vida Entera today.

The Benefits of a Medication-Assisted Treatment Center in California

While in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, cravings and temptations are common. Because substance abuse leads to dependence, people who are trying to stay sober feel like they need drugs or alcohol to feel normal. However, some medications can actually help manage these cravings. When these medications are used along with individual and group therapy, lasting recovery is possible.

Some benefits of a MAT program also include:

  • Lower chances of overdose
  • Patients in MAT programs tend to stay in recovery
  • Improved chances of employment
  • Fewer cravings
  • Less illegal drug use or other criminal activities

While in our medication-assisted treatment center in California, we can find the right treatment for you. We know that every person’s problems with addiction are different and that their treatment programs need to be unique as well. Our clinicians work with our therapists and others on our staff to prescribe you the medication you need.

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment Center in California

therapist of the medication-assisted treatment center in California smiling before group therapyA medication-assisted treatment program does not just use one drug in place of another. Instead, the medications used in MAT programs bring relief to withdrawal symptoms and help manage cravings. Medication can address both alcohol use disorders and opioid dependency. Some of the medications we might prescribe include:

  • Suboxone – Used to treat opioid addiction by filling the opiate receptors to reduce cravings
  • Vivitrol – Blocks opioid receptors to prevent cravings and takes away the rewards of alcohol
  • Naltrexone – Prevents feelings of euphoria from drug use
  • Disulfiram – Used to treat chronic alcoholism
  • Acamprosate – Can be used to help people who have stopped drinking alcohol to stay sober

The medications used in a medication-assisted treatment center work in various ways. Some treat withdrawal symptoms during detox. Others help patients avoid addiction to substances such as alcohol and opioids during recovery. Additionally, some medications address pre-existing conditions or different health conditions that may come up during treatment or the recovery process. Finally, while some of these medications are used for a short amount of time to manage withdrawal symptoms, some can be used long-term.

In addition to medication, our medication-assisted treatment in Lake Elsinore, California, utilizes therapy. Both individual and group counseling can help our patients understand the issues behind their substance abuse problems. For some people, a trauma in their past has led them to use substances to cope. Therapy can help them work through past trauma. In group sessions, patients talk through their struggles with others who have dealt with the same issues. A network of support is also vital for lasting recovery.

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