physician discussing symptoms with man at the opiate detox centerIf you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to opiates, you might feel hopeless. Overcoming addiction alone is difficult and can even be dangerous due to withdrawal symptoms. However, with the help of our opiate detox center in Lake Elsinore, CA, you can begin to recover in a safe, secure environment.

A residential detox program gives you the best chance at success in overcoming opiate addiction. At Wellness Counseling Vida Entera, we offer an opiate detox program that will help you break the physical bonds of addiction while building healthy habits for the future.

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Benefits of an Opiate Detox Center

First, what is the difference between opioids and opiates? Although they are often mentioned together, there is a difference between the two. Opioids are a broader classification of drugs that bind to the brain’s opioid receptors and can relieve pain and create feelings of euphoria.

Opiates are a type of opioid that comes from the opium or poppy plant. Some common opiates include the following:

  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Thebaine
  • Heroin
  • Oxymorphone
  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycodone

All opiates can be highly addictive. If you begin to use opiates more than prescribed, your body will develop a tolerance and dependence on the substance, leading you to use even more. Some individuals turn to heroin or other illegal substances in order to feel the same effects. Because of this dependence, breaking free from opiate abuse without addiction treatment programs is difficult.

However, a medical detox program like our opiate detox center in Lake Elsinore, CA provides support and safety during the difficult early days of recovery. Withdrawal symptoms from opiates can include anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, muscle aches, and excessive sweating. For those who are struggling with an addiction to opiates, this program can help you through the withdrawal period without relapsing.

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Our Opiate Detox Center in Lake Elsinore, CA

At Wellness Counseling Vida Entera, our opiate detox program includes personalized treatment plans for every individual in our care. When clients enter our opiate detox center in Lake Elsinore, CA, they go through a thorough assessment to determine their treatment needs.

During your time in our program, you’ll engage in group and individual therapy to help you work through the underlying causes of addiction, including any past trauma or co-occurring mental health issues. And with the help of our board-certified doctors, licensed nurses, and other staff members, you can safely go through the withdrawal process.

If you’ve tried and failed to overcome an addiction to opiates before, find hope and healing at Wellness Counseling Vida Entera. Our goal is to help everyone in our care achieve lasting sobriety. Through our evidence-based addiction treatment programs, you can recover and heal.

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At our opiate detox center in Lake Elsinore, CA, you’ll find compassionate and competent care in a beautiful, peaceful location. In addition to our opiate detox program, we offer a full continuum of care to help you overcome addiction and live a life free from drugs and alcohol. These addiction treatment programs include:

Learn more about our admissions process, program specifics, and how you or your loved one can begin the journey to recovery by reaching out to us today. Our addiction specialists are on hand 24/7 to answer your questions.

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