man sitting down with a therapist asking do I need alcohol addiction treatmentIf you’re a man who is struggling with a substance use disorder, take the first step to your recovery by visiting a men’s detox center. With support from a team of mental health specialists, you’ll be able to choose the next step in your addiction treatment after detox. A men’s detox center in CA offers gender-specific detox programs designed to help men with addiction. The addiction therapy techniques focus on the unique needs of men and provides the best recovery plan.

Why Choose a Men’s Detox Center?

Men have been found to be more likely to abuse drugs when compared to women. In 2017, 9.4% of men in the U.S. had substance use disorders, while only 5.2% of women had the same mental health disorder. This data suggests that men are more vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction than women. For example, more men drink alcohol and are likely to use illegal drugs when compared to women. Developing substance dependence among men is much easier because of their high frequency of usage. Generally, signs of addiction will show up differently in men. Also, men use drugs for different reasons when compared to women. For a proper understanding of all these differences, it’s best to consult a certified drug and alcohol detox center in CA. Even though millions of Americans seek treatment from the rehab facilities, most of them never complete their therapy programs. Failure to complete treatment exposes men to severe consequences, such as premature death. Data reveals that drug abuse is among the leading causes of accidental deaths in the U.S. Furthermore, addiction causes personal, career, and relationship challenges because of impaired judgment and poor decision-making capabilities.

Benefits of Men’s Detox Centers

As earlier stated, men experience substance dependency and tolerance differently from women. They also tend to abuse different substances and develop various co-occurring disorders, hence the need for gender-specific treatment. The environment at a men’s detox program helps the facility to organize them into group therapy. During therapy or group support meetings, men are likely to feel more comfortable sharing their experiences and getting relevant feedback from their peers. Therefore, gender-specific treatment enhances the chances of recovery. Apart from shared experiences, men are likely to overcome society’s expectations that define how they’re supposed to behave when in a gender-focused rehab. Unlike in the outside world, acting weak or vulnerable is not shunned at a men’s detox center because of the presence of others with similar struggles. This way, it’s easy for men to admit their challenges without the fear of judgment.

What Types of Substances Require Detox?

There are many substances (both legal and illegal) that can cause an addiction, and we provide the following:

All these substances can expose you to dependence. The type of detox that you’ll receive from the men’s detox center in CA, therefore, depends on the length of addiction, the combination of drugs abused, and the existence of co-occurring disorders. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms that you’ll develop from various drugs include mood disturbances, insomnia, and cravings.

Find Your Men’s Detox Center at Wellness Vida Entera

At Wellness Counseling Vida Entera, our mental health and addiction experts will help you to put a stop to substance abuse for long-term recovery. Therapists in a men’s detox program are ready to help you through the journey of healing. For the best results, therapists often combine several detox programs in the men’s detox center in CA, including:

Checking into a certified men’s detox center is the right step towards overcoming your substance use disorder. Don’t let addiction ruin your life; seek treatment for the mental illness today. Contact Wellness Counseling Vida Entera at 951.400.0082 to schedule an appointment.