group holding hands at the medical detox center in caThe road back from substance abuse can be a long one. But millions have made the journey, and with commitment, caring, and support, you can too. Like most things that are difficult to do, recovery from substance abuse starts with a single step. And that means time in a medical detox center.

A medical detox program helps people struggling with substance abuse gradually end their use of drugs or alcohol. Doctors and counselors watch for withdrawal symptoms that might pose a danger to your medical or psychological well-being.

Our medical detox center at Wellness Counseling Vida Entera in Lake Elsinore, California is designed to promote comfort, safety, and security all at the same time. Once you emerge from drug and alcohol detox programs, you are ready to move onto the next phase of your recovery.

Why Is a Medical Detox Center Necessary?

Doctors have found over many years that people who struggle with substance abuse must first come off their substances of choice if they are to have any hope of proceeding through the rest of rehab.

That’s largely because drugs and alcohol have altered the balance of your brain chemistry. Repeated use of drugs or alcohol has convinced the body it needs these substances in order to survive.

Of course, the effects of drugs and alcohol at some point will always wear off. And then you go into a period of withdrawal marked by terribly uncomfortable physical symptoms.

Because substance abuse is, at its heart, a psychological disorder, it’s impossible to make progress if a person is still using. Once drugs or alcohol are removed from your body, then the healing can begin. Time in a medical detox program is fundamental to your progress.

What Happens After Medical Detox?

During detox in Lake Elsinore, CA, your medical team will monitor your condition to make sure nothing bad happens to you physically. The process can last for many weeks or even several months since different drugs stay in our system for different periods of time.

Once you are cleared from detox, you will begin a period of addiction counseling. Working with a trained therapist, you will explore the dynamics of what led you to substance abuse. You may discuss the role of family and other forces in your life. If appropriate, you likely will also participate in group counseling. Listening and learning from others has been shown to help treatment move forward.

The goal of counseling is for the individual to develop new and different coping skills, so he or she can avoid a relapse in the future.

Aftercare Services

The process doesn’t end after leaving a medical detox center. And it doesn’t end after you leave counseling. In fact, you might say it’s just beginning. The final stage of addiction treatment, which really lasts the rest of your life, is aftercare. The sad reality is that many people relapse in the first year after treatment. It’s not a weakness in them; it’s a sign of the frightening strength of the disease.

Aftercare services involve a series of resources designed to lower the risk of relapse. It often involves additional, ongoing counseling. You will likely also be offered a chance to join a 12-step program. The support of peers can help make treatment stick.

Choose Wellness Counseling Vida Entera for Medical Detox

Substance abuse puts your life and freedom at risk. Getting treatment is the right thing to do. Treatment and rehab typically start with time spent at a medical detox center. Trust Wellness Counseling Vida Entera to get you through that process and onto the next critical stages of recovery. In addition to detox centers for men and women, we provide a complete set of services designed to help those with addiction problems.

Our facility in Lake Elsinore, California is designed to provide comfort, security, and confidentiality. Clients come from all over the country to work toward a better day with a focus on hope and sobriety. Consider us for your substance abuse treatment needs.

Contact Wellness Counseling Vida Entera at 951.400.0082 today for a confidential consultation. Your future is waiting.