Characteristics of a Suitable Drug Detox Center

An estimated 40 million Americans aged 12 years and above are battling various forms of substance use disorders. Fortunately, if you need the services of a drug detox center, you’ll be glad to know that a holistic drug detox center in CA will provide a customized treatment solution. However, finding the best drug addiction treatment center is not easy. In 2017, there were at least 13,585 rehabilitation facilities in the U.S., with many of them located in the state of California. Furthermore, about 80% of rehab centers offer outpatient treatment, while 20% provide long-term treatment.

How to Choose the Best Drug Detox Center

Consider Accreditation

All facilities offering drug detox and substance treatment programs need licensing and accreditation by the state government. An ideal detox center is always ready to treat your addiction by adhering to laws and regulations. State governments only approve high-quality drug detox centers that have well-trained personnel, standard premises and facilities, and effective programs.

Availability of Medical Specialists

Physical addictions need the services of trained medical personnel to handle a medical detox. The medication used needs a doctor’s guidance and close observation. Detox, therefore, demands the availability of medical professionals who can prescribe appropriate drugs and closely monitor your progress. At an accredited drug detox center in CA, drug detox programs, therapists, and support staff will help you with your medication-assisted treatment needs.

Availability of Therapy

Individualized therapeutic sessions are an integral part of any effective alcohol and drug detox program. The addiction specialist needs to undertake a more in-depth analysis of the motivations behind your dependency to equip you with the necessary skills to overcome the addiction. Additionally, the therapy enables you to learn other alternative activities that aim at avoiding a relapse. Thus, the availability of treatment boosts outcomes and takes you to a higher level of confidence and motivation. This helps you to remain sober long after rehab.

Treatment Options at Our Drug Detox Center

Excellent detox programs address all the unique needs of their clients. Thus, there is a need for the integration of drug detoxification with other applications, such as:

To maintain long-term sobriety after the detoxification process, the center should involve you in programs that address your emotional, mental, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of your drug dependence.

Get Personalized Detox Treatment at Wellness Counseling Vida Entera

Different detox programs produce different results for people struggling with substance use disorders. If a detox center is insisting that their treatment method is the only one that produces desired results, then that is already a red flag. An efficient detox center should tailor the treatment program to suit your unique needs. Additionally, a proper drug rehab facility should have a wide variety of psychotherapy programs that identify with your struggle. When individuals participate in a personalized detox and therapy plan, they can separate the primary cause of their substance dependence. Learn how the best drug detox center in CA, drug detox program works at Wellness Counseling Vida Entera. Our team of mental health experts formulates unique detox programs from a combination of several therapies, including:

When selecting a world-class drug detox center, choose one that is reputable and can address your specific needs. Ensure that it is licensed and can provide all programs that a drug treatment center should have. With that in mind, you can find the addiction treatment program for your condition at Wellness Vida Entera today. Contact us at 951.400.0082 to schedule an appointment.