Alcohol Detox in California

Alcoholism is a life-threatening disease that afflicts millions of Americans and leads to approximately 88,000 deaths per year. Collectively, Americans lose over 2.5 million years of life to alcoholism each year, according to the CDC, with the average individual losing three decades of life. With both short-term and long-term effects, including liver damage, high blood pressure, and heart disease, drinking excessively is harmful to your body on many fronts. It’s extremely important not to underestimate the lethal power of alcoholism, and it’s critical that anyone suffering from the disease enrolls in an alcohol addiction treatment center as early in the addiction process as possible. Alcohol detox in California provides comfort during withdrawal.

What Is Alcohol Detox?

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Alcohol detox can allow patients who are suffering from alcoholism to end their addiction in a safe and comfortable setting. Under the guidance of a medical, professional staff, patients at our facility are weaned off of their toxic addiction and treated for symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Upon enrolling in our private residential detox facility, you will be assessed by our board-certified medical staff, who will gather information about the duration and severity of your alcohol addiction. Since all of our detox treatments are tailored to the particular needs of each patient, this is an important way for our staff to determine how we can help you or your loved one recover as comfortably in our residential program as possible.

The alcohol detox center in California provides a welcoming, home-like, drug-free setting. Those who detox at-home generally relapse immediately by grabbing the nearest bit of alcohol when withdrawal becomes uncomfortable. But this is not possible at a residential detox facility. Apart from being drug-free, our rooms and common areas are designed for increased comfort. There are plenty of small activities to distract individuals when experiencing withdrawal.

Treating Alcohol Withdrawal

A key component of alcohol detox in California is treating the alcohol withdrawal symptoms that arise while the patient’s body is flushing out the toxins. Depending on factors like the amount that the patient was drinking and the length of time they suffered from alcoholism, the withdrawal symptoms can range from slight discomfort to life-threatening seizures. This is why it’s crucial to not attempt to treat withdrawal symptoms alone, without the input of a fully trained staff.

Symptoms can transition from mild to life-threatening almost instantaneously, so enrolling in a facility like Wellness Counseling Vida Entera is the only way to safeguard your health while detoxing.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation or irritability
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Tremors
  • Trouble sleeping or insomnia

More severe symptoms include seizures, disorientation, and delirium tremens. Detox with medical supervision allows quick action when complications like these arise.

Strive to Reclaim Your Life

End your addiction to alcohol and start enjoying a wide range of physical, emotional, and mental benefits that strive to improve your quality of life. There’s no reason to go through another day in active addiction—enroll at our alcohol detox center in Lake Elsinore, CA. Recovery can be within reach, and we’ll help you at each step along the way.

Wellness Counseling Vida Entera provides the treatment programs necessary for lasting addiction recovery. Our treatment programs include:

  • Men’s and women’s detox program to meet unique needs
  • Medication-assisted treatment to manage cravings for alcohol
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP) for those who can’t leave behind family or work obligations
  • Alcohol addiction treatment for individualized treatment programs including therapy programs

Contact Wellness Counseling Vida Entera by calling 951.400.0082 to learn more about alcohol detox in California. Start your recovery journey and enjoy the best parts of life sober.